How Are You Incorporating Technology In Your Maths Teaching?

In the hands of a good teacher, effective use of technology in maths can contribute tremendously to productive learning.

Jubril Adebowale ‘Sir! Sir! Are we doing the game thing again?’ The newly engaged students asked. As a student teacher who has only been in the classroom for some weeks, pupils know your status and can’t be bothered to give much respect or attention as they will give their teachers. To engage the pupils, there is need for a trade by barter. A trade by barter here has no goods involved but the exchange of technology for engagement.

Plickers! Yes, plickers and not flickers!! I brought plickers in to the classroom for my starter activity. Knowing fully that learners can be uninterested by the repetitive nature of classroom approaches being used, but being creative keeps the engagement alive. They love it when their names come up on the board, it makes them feel important which we all like as individuals. If you have not tried plickers don’t be afraid or feel too busy to try it. Truly, technology can encourage and facilitate students' interaction with what's being taught, during the lesson and outside.  

How do you assess pupils? How do you go about the plenary? Will you remember each pupil’s answer(s)? Many more questions come to my mind when I think about assessment for learning (AFL). A good assessment helps give pupils good information about their performance and teachers good information if their methods are working. Again, plickers is a great tool in getting this hammered. 

Skilful questioning has been said to be the beating heart of good pedagogy. When teachers question the students, it could be a directed question to a particular student or some set of students. The questioning skill could be spiced up when technology is brought into it. How possible could that be? All that is needed is a computer connected to the internet. Classtools will do it all for you. This is another good way to keep the students on their toes.

Being up to date with technology could be time consuming considering other responsibilities have to be fulfilled. The fact that pupils use technology outside maths class makes it important to bring technology into maths lessons to keep them engaged. Maths can be fun by incorporating technology into maths lessons.

Technology can support teachers in improving educational outcomes when used effectively.

By Jubril Adebowale.