Why I Decided To Apply For A Maths Teacher Training Scholarship - By Emma Mellor

Emma Mellor

When I applied to become a trainee teacher, it had been 12 years since I’d studied mathematics at A-level. Although my degree subject, Accountancy and Finance, had some mathematical content, I was worried that my maths knowledge would be lacking. I decided to challenge myself by applying for the Maths Scholarship to push myself into relearning some of the content that I’d lost over the years. 

After an unsuccessful interview with a training provider, I was told that my maths knowledge wasn’t up to the required standards. I knew this was simply because I hadn’t had sufficient time to refresh myself on the whole syllabus, and I knew that with a bit of time, I would quickly find the topics very straight forward and logical again. My confidence did take a bit of a hit though, so I decided to apply for the scholarship as a way of proving to myself that I could do it and I was just as worthy of becoming a maths teacher as any other maths trainee. I worked hard to do a subject knowledge enhancement course and just as predicted, I was able to quickly pick up the missing bits of knowledge. 

I believe that Mathematics is the most important subject for students to do well in, not only for their GCSE results, but for their ability to navigate through life. I also know that a lot of students and adults are afraid of maths and have made themselves believe they simply can’t do it. I’d like to challenge that perception by teaching topics in fun and simple ways, that helps students to realise that maths needn’t be feared. I’d like to find ways to motivate students into wanting to push themselves further by getting them excited about solving calculations and puzzles. I want the least able in the class and the most able in the class to be challenged at a level that gives them confidence in their abilities and pushes them to reach their full potential.  This desire can be achieved much more easily with access to the support that I’ll gain through the scholarship programme. 

In addition to the above, I believe in the phase “aim high, fail high”. I strive to achieve greatness and, even if I’m not quite successful, I usually end up in a better place than I would have been in otherwise. When deciding to become a teacher, I envisaged more than a life of turning up to school, teaching my subject and going home. I’m motivated to make a real difference and I believe I can do that by striving to be the best teacher I can be. The best way for me to do this is to connect with other great teachers. The Maths Scholarship will grant me access to fantastic resources and networking opportunities with others who share my passion to go above and beyond. 

By Emma Mellor

*Message from the Scholarships Team – You can apply to the Scholarships with a 2:2 degree classification, providing you can demonstrate ‘significant relevant experience’.  Also, you can apply before completing your subject knowledge enhancement course.  See our eligibility criteria on the About Us page, and our FAQs.


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