Maths teaching is filled with rewards as a Maths Scholar

If you want an exciting and interesting career then becoming a mathematics teacher is definitely the right choice.

Rebecca PearceIt is like no other job. Like any job there can be ups and downs but I can confidently say that in teaching no two days are ever the same. You are certainly never going to get bored. There are many rewards to becoming a teacher.  You get to shape and mould young people into becoming the person they wish to be and help them achieve their dreams. You can inspire students with your love and passion for mathematics so they too wish to pursue it further. At secondary school many students become disillusioned by mathematics but an inspiring teacher could change that. There is nothing more rewarding then knowing that you have helped make a difference to an individual, a difference that could make a lasting impact in their lives.

Becoming a teacher is definitely a challenging job

However if you love a stimulating challenge then this is the career for you. Teaching provides so many opportunities for self-development and reflection. There is no perfect lesson so there is always something that you can do to become even better than you are already are. You never stop learning about mathematics and yourself. Everyday brings a new surprise. Teaching requires you to constantly think on your feet, be adaptable and problem solve. No individual is the same so you are constantly trying to figure out how to get each student to reach their full potential. One of the greatest rewards is knowing that you helped a student to achieve their very best and excel.

Whilst teaching can sometimes be difficult you are not on your own

Why not start to do more today and apply to teach maths in the UK
Why not start to do more today and apply to teach maths in the UK

There is always someone to talk to about a problem you have; to bounce ideas off and to support you through. Whilst each situation is always unique there will always be someone in the school who has had a similar problem who can suggest ideas. A common saying in teaching is don't reinvent the wheel, use what’s already there and adapt it to make it even better.

Teaching requires: creativity, patience, enthusiasm and humour. If you have these qualities then you are on your way to becoming an excellent teacher and making a difference in the world. Most importantly have fun!

- Rebecca Pearce

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