What Teacher Training Route Did You Choose And Why? What Advice Would You Give? - By Charlotte Quinn 

Charlotte QuinnBefore you apply, you’re always told teacher training is such an exciting yet stressful experience to go through. For this reason, it is so important that you find the course that is right for you! The first thing I looked for were courses based on location. This was an easy decision for me because I knew that I wanted to move back to my hometown after completing my undergrad at a University rather far away. By starting my search in a specific area, where I knew I wanted to be, my options were already filtered and making any sort of decision became less daunting. 

The next thing to look at is the course type. There are several options and you’re almost certain to find one that will suit you. After my internship in June/July, an in-depth conversation with my “Get into Teaching” mentor, and a lot of hefty research over the Summer of 2018, I concluded that I wanted to do a SCITT programme. This offered me experience of being in school from the day the academic year started but also the PGCE – something I was adamant I wanted to achieve by the end of my training year. By being a part of a SCITT programme, I am given the chance to feel like a full-fledged member of staff from day one. I am invited to all of the staff training days, I got to know all of my new classes at the same time as their initial teacher and I feel like a part of the school’s day to day life – almost as if I am already qualified. As I am doing an ABA placement, which means I start and end the academic year in the same school but also get experience of a contrasting school in between, I feel like I will have had the opportunity to see many different teachers and implement different varying techniques. 

As well as being an integrated part of school life, I also have regular University-Led sessions. One day a week we have a session exploring subject knowledge, enhancing our professional skills or preparing for our PGCE assignments. The PGCE was an important part of the course for me, as I wanted to explore the pedagogical theory so when I was observing lessons I could piece together the pedagogy and the practice.

Overall, I think it is important to consider what you want from your course. Don’t focus on what is “the norm” when getting into teacher training; do a lot of research, find the course that’s right for you and then prepare for one of the most stressful yet one of the most rewarding years of your life. 

By Charlotte Quinn 



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