Is 2017 your maths graduation year?Train as a maths teacher now

Career changers make brilliant maths teachers. It seems there comes a time when the desire to give something back and have a meaningful career takes centre stage. The exodus from banking, accountancy, engineering, IT and all kinds of sectors has seen many shifting towards the teaching sector.

In 2017 huge numbers of have people registered to teach. 

In fact 21 000 people registered and around 14 000 of those were career changers. You might be thinking, ‘that’s all very well but it’s far too late and why would anyone want me?’ Stop right there. Did you know that there is a profound shortage of trainee teachers?  Did you know that passion and enthusiasm are what we need alongside academic ability? Sounds interesting right? If you want to discover teaching in general then it’s worth making contact with get into teaching


Don’t be fooled this is not what contemporary maths teaching looks like

This is not just for Einstein wannabes

However, if it’s maths teaching that appeals then the Maths Scholars Scholarship Award is probably what you are looking for.  Before you dismiss the idea as being only suitable for Einstein wannabes it’s worth noting that we are looking for people with a good knowledge of mathematics but also the flexibility, adaptability and curiosity to inspire. First and foremost potential maths teachers need to be great communicators and passionate about mathematics.

Don’t stay stuck in a career you hate

With longer working lives on the agenda for most people, career decisions won’t just happen at 14, 16, 18 and 21. It’s likely we might even have several careers throughout our working lives. There’s nothing to say that the first choice we make is the right one either. You might well be reading this thinking that your current choice is boring you to tears or isn’t what you were expecting. You might have always wanted to teach but might have been pressurized by parents or circumstance to accept another career path. Now is the time to do something about that.

Hands Up

Hands up! Who wants to teach?

Do something that really matters to other people and yourself

Teachers talk about inspiration and fulfillment and the opportunity to make a difference and directly affect lives. Think of the teachers that inspired you and how there are names that are never forgotten as we go through life. Could one of those names be yours in the future?

One teacher recently said: Being part of helping shape a young person’s life is very humbling as well as fulfilling.’ Could that be what you want to do? After all applications for teacher training are still open and we have 100 places left on our Maths assessment centres running through until September. But you will have to hurry as places are filling up very quickly.

A Maths Scholars Scholarship could change your life

As a Maths Scholar you can expect a scholarship worth £27500 to help towards your training year and also events, continued professional training and membership of prestigious mathematical societies.  We are on the look out for future thought leaders and also future leaders who will shape the mathematics curriculum and maths departments up and down the country going forward.

If this sounds like something that would inspire you to look for a brand new career teaching mathematics then do apply now as there’s no time like the present. If maths teaching sounds like a career for you see what one of our scholars has to say. If you are currently studying on a SKE course then don’t wait until you have finished but put your application together right now. We have tons of information on our website to guide you such as preparing for a Maths Scholars interview. So begin your journey right here and read through our blog to see just what an impact being a Maths Scholar has had on current and past recipients. Your future begins right now.

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We look forward to meeting you and helping you change your career for the better.