Why Did I Decide To Apply For A Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship? - By Rajdeep Josan 

Rajdeep JosanIt was my desire to be successful in gaining a scholarship to help me fulfil my ambition to be a fully qualified teacher.  I will be able to motivate my students and help them develop as mathematicians.  It will charge my enthusiasm to go above and beyond enabling my pupils to achieve outstanding results and a passion for mathematics. 

I would encourage anyone who wants to go into teaching to apply for a scholarship in maths.  Getting a scholarship shows your enthusiasm and encourages you to achieve your own goals. There are so many different benefits you will receive if you get a maths scholarship. I am going to discuss some of the reasons I applied for a scholarship. 

Being part of a scholarship program gives students the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds. They become part of an exclusive community where they can exchange information and share ideas freely without the fear of being judged. Therefore, you will have the feeling of belonging to your community. Being a maths scholar, you will get many opportunities to attend different CPD courses and webinars.  These courses will be educational, will help your professional development and put you in contact with some great mathematicians. I'm sure they will help inspire me and in turn, for me to inspire my students. 

When you are a trainee (PGCE), you have to write journals and assignments, which are part of the course. A scholarship will offer you the opportunity to be a granted member of some professional bodies. Through these you will be able to get extra resources for reading, for example, free magazines and online journals.  This will be a great help for you to complete your assignments. 

Gaining a scholarship will also look good on your CV!!  It will make your CV stand out from others and provide you a good opportunity in future jobs.  It will help distinguish you from your peers.  Looking for a job is hard enough, but being recognised by someone else for your achievements is sometimes enough for you to get an interview with your future employer.  

Another reason for me applying for scholarships was to inspire young women from a BAME background.  Despite being educated abroad and overcoming many challenges, I have been able to contribute positively to my own pupils learning in the UK.  I am hoping this will motivate them in making a difference to student’s lives in by serving the community and setting an example to others. 

By Rajdeep Josan 



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