Reflecting upon my Initial Teacher Training year

Alex TaylorMy initial teacher training year has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I have learned a lot throughout the past year, from pedagogy to practice, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Teaching has given me a new perspective on many areas of mathematics. Learning how to explain various topics has encouraged me to apply my deeper knowledge of how the mathematics works, which in turn has helped me develop my own mathematical ability. It has also been interesting to see how the teaching methods have changed. Even as quite a young teacher, I have noticed changes across a variety of topics, especially among lower years.

I have also enjoyed the sense of community among teachers. All of those I have spoken too, especially my mentors, have been very supportive, willing to talk through whatever I was unsure about. This enabled me to better reflect on my own experiences. It also allowed me to hear situations they had encountered, and how they dealt with it. This helped me plan for things I could face in the future. 

My ITT year has been an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to begin my ECF years.

By Alex Taylor