Maths scholarships how could you get one?

The mathematics teacher training scholarship program exists to assist people who want to train to be a teacher of mathematics.

What kind of person do we look for to be a Scholar?

It’s quite simple really.  Our search begins with mathematical knowledge. But that’s not just what we look for. We want to see mathematical knowledge combined with flair. In fact flair and creativity and the ability to communicate effectively are three key skills we are always searching for. We want to find potential scholars that are hungry to make a significant difference to the upcoming generations own mathematical knowledge.

Become a Maths Scholar and discover the real bonus

Become a Maths scholar and discover so much more

We’ve found some truly amazing Scholars since 2012

That might sound like a tall order. But in the five years the scholarships scheme has existed we have been able to find some truly astonishing scholars. You might be reading this and thinking that all scholars are Einstein wannabes. That is definitely not the case. A great teacher exudes Passion and students will recognise this very quickly. Of course brilliance is wonderful and we all love to see brilliant people at work. But that’s not only what is necessarily needed in classrooms up-and-down country. There is wide range of abilities in every cohort and teachers need to find ways of engaging students at whatever level they happen to be. With enthusiasm and creativity the aim is to help young people make significant progress and transform the way they develop mathematical knowledge. There are many ways to help students gain confidence, competence and brilliance.

In fact, our scholars are such a varied group of people.

They are drawn from all walks of life. Scholars apply straight from university. Others are career changes and they can be almost any age. We welcome a wide diversity of backgrounds and experience. We have welcomed hat makers, accountants, police officers, bankers, engineers and many others into the scholarship fold.

Make your application early and be one of the first

Make your application early and be one of the first

If you are considering making an application to begin initial teacher training in September 2018 you may think you have plenty of time. But this year the maths scholars Scholarship program closed early as a consequence of unprecedented demand. This is why we are encouraging anyone who is considering training to be a maths teacher to think about making an application earlier rather than leave it to the last minute.

There is much at stake so don’t leave your application to the last minute

Over the past five years we have gathered together a lot of experience and have seen the mistakes some people have made when applying. Making an application to become a Maths Scholar is not a five-minute process.  After all it comes with a significant financial award. £27,500 is what you can expect to receive if you are successful. In addition you will have access to really superb professional resources and events. There is also two years free membership of professional bodies and opportunities to collaborate and publish. As a Maths Scholar you will be marked out as a potential leader and respected practitioner. So you see there is much at stake.

Who wouldn’t want to work with other people who are just as passionate about mathematics as you are.

Apply to be a Maths Scholar Today

If you are a career changer then teaching mathematics might be the career for you

In fact, Maths Scholars share their classroom and teaching tips regularly and write for the Maths Scholars website about aspects of their work and experience. It’s an opportunity to engage with an enthusiastic group of people who share your passion for mathematics. You can keep abreast of changes and developments in the Maths curriculum and mathematical pedagogy. Anyone hoping to advance their career in mathematics education will have a significant boost to their career by becoming a Maths Scholar. It is recognition that you stand head and shoulders above others.

The Maths Scholars scheme has written a number of helpful articles to guide you through the application and interview process. It may seem like a long way off but time passes very quickly and it’s appropriate to start putting together what you need to apply for the Scholars scheme this year. Good luck.

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