Is Maths teacher training a career for you?

Since I first considered becoming a maths teacher and applying for teacher training I have changed and developed in many ways. Initially I had slight doubts about whether teaching was for me and in particular whether I would suit secondary school maths teaching. I have always enjoyed maths but I was unsure whether I would be able to inspire and motivate others to enjoy the subject too. When I was offered a maths School Direct place within a local school I began to believe that I could be a teacher. This belief was reinforced when I was awarded a Maths Scholars Scholarship.

Jess Clifton - Maths Scholar

Having completed my first term in a school I am now sure that I have made the right decision and that teaching is the career for me. During my first term of teaching I have increased in confidence and my teaching skills have improved tremendously. Every day within school is very different and each day I have made progress towards becoming a more effective maths teacher. I enjoy working with the students and helping them to reach their targets and achieve to their full potential.

Before I began teaching I thought I had a good knowledge and understanding of maths, however this has also improved as I have had to revisit various areas of maths prior to teaching them which has enabled me to develop a deeper understanding. Also as students learn in different ways I have had to look at some areas of maths differently in order to be able to provide each of the students with the best help and support possible.
When I first began teaching I was nervous when someone observed my lesson, whereas now I see this as a positive experience as it means I will receive feedback on my lesson, which I can then use to help improve my teaching and ensure a better learning experience for all the students I teach.

When I go to my second placement next term I will be starting with more confidence and self-belief than when I started my first placement in September. I hope to be able to transfer the knowledge and skills I have gained this term to my next school, and continue to improve and develop them further.

- Jess Clifton

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