Maths Scholar Olivia Swinscoe loves battling for solutions

Olivia Swinscoe
Olivia Swinscoe - Maths Scholar

Studying mathematics at university accelerated my decision to become a mathematics teacher. I have always loved the battle for the solution and the beauty of tying everything together. I aspire to share my passion with others.  When I began applying for teaching opportunities I never thought about how I could enrich and inspire many children through the sheer joy of learning mathematics. Many students dislike mathematics, and I already had a fixed mind-set that I couldn’t really change that. I believed that to teach mathematics, I needed to impart rules and procedures for the classes to attempt and practice. Yet in doing so I had created students who were dependent on the teachers. How would I create learners who were to be inquisitive, passionate and critical thinkers?

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The scholarship has provided me with invaluable advice and techniques where I can create a vibrant learning experience for my students. I now encourage my students to love mathematics through rich and challenging exercises.  I motivate their thinking through discussions and preparing key questions to stimulate deeper thoughts. I have gained an awareness of the needs and issues surrounding mathematics in education, and I want to change how I teach by beginning to provide resources that can relate to the real world. I look forward to a teaching career where I can facilitate a classroom full of critical problem solvers, eager to attempt a challenge.

As an educator, it is my job to transform each student’s outlook on mathematics and prompt them to engage with the world around them. I will inspire each child and I am extremely proud of the hard work and determination of my students so far. They are always up for a challenge and it is my job to cultivate their inquisitiveness and find what motivates them towards their aspirations.

- Olivia Swinscoe

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