What teacher training route did you choose and why?

During the SCITT option, you’ll get a great chance to work in a home school and a contrasting away placement school. 

It’s broken down into three phases:
Initial phase at a home placement school
Developmental phase at an away placement school
Transition to NQT phase back at your home school

You'll see first-hand the differences between the two schools. It's a great opportunity to work on your adaptability to different teaching environments. The majority of your year will be spent working in a school environment. 

I chose the school based SCITT option over the university-based option as I was eager to get into the classroom and experience first-hand how the profession is done. I was exceedingly curious to explore how experienced teachers did what they did. Already in my short time in the classroom I have observed and experienced so many different teaching styles, and had a wide range of on the job training and advice. This has been invaluable to my development as a teacher.

So far on my programme I have also had the chance to integrate with charismatic and expert trainers, who are passionate about Maths. By being part of a large departmental team, I have been able to immerse myself into the job and to actually see the ups and downs of the career.

Overall, my experiences so far in my home placement school has been invaluable, as I've had so many chances to start becoming an integral member of the department and the school life!

By Joseph Blackmur