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In 2012 girls and boys entered STEM GCSEs in almost equal numbers.

Girls do well and usually outperform boys in the majority of STEM GCSE subjects. Unfortunately, girls usually don’t enter these fields later as they are often put off by a lack of female role models.

Don’t use a crystal ball to predict your future

Don’t use a crystal ball to predict your future. Apply for a Maths Scholarship Scheme Award

Being a female teacher of a STEM subject is an honour

But this comes with great responsibility. I personally think as a female teacher, it is very important to show students that STEM subjects aren’t just for men but that women are more than capable of being successful in this field.  In the school I am currently working at, the ratio of women to men teachers in maths is 1 to 4 respectively and I’d like to inspire more women to start a career in a STEM subject.

Maths Scholar Prina Bhanderi

Knowing that I’m teaching a subject that teaches and strengthens skills to can be used in the real world when going on to higher education, employment and in general everyday situations, is a pleasure. Being a maths teacher allows me to impart my passion for the subject to influence and stimulate young minds in ways others aren’t able to in the same way.

Being a maths teacher comes with an endless number of benefits

But there are struggles we face as maths teachers. One of the prejudices maths teachers have to deal with is the perception that maths is a demanding and challenging subject. Students have already built fear into themselves that in turn affects their ability to learn maths as they think it is too hard and they cannot do it. Breaking down this wall between students and maths is the challenging aspect of being a maths teacher. Yet once students start to grow confidence and enjoy solving complex problems it is very rewarding to witness.

You might come up smelling like roses if you apply to be a Maths Scholar

You might come up smelling like roses if you apply to be a Maths Scholar
The journey from begin a student to now being on the other side of the classroom as a teacher has been very insightful. I began my first placement by observing a variety of teachers, this was insightful however, it almost made me question my career choice. Now, that I have taught a few lessons by myself, I’ve never been so happy with my choice in career. Seeing students’ passion for their work and the feeling of making a positive contribution to the future generations is a feeling like no other.

Maths Scholar Prina Bhanderi

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