What Teacher Training Route Did You Choose And Why? - By Nicholas Cossins

 Nicholas CossinsThere are countless options for routes to take within the teacher training spectrum. Teach First, Schools Direct, PGCE. All of these routes carry different benefits. The Teach First scheme focuses on a longer time frame of two years to complete and finalise the teaching qualification, the Schools Direct route encourages teachers in placing them within schools almost immediately after an offer has been made, and the PGCE encompasses a mixture of both elements.

I chose to do a PGCE because it is the most recognised teaching qualification world-wide and, should you want to venture abroad to teach, is inevitably going to put you in good stead. I weighed up the Teach First scheme set out with various universities across the country and, although they did offer a longer period of two years to complete the course with invaluable experience in schools, my goal was also to complete the qualification within a one year timeframe, as I wanted to be a qualified teacher sooner rather than later. This put me in mind to realise a passion for perhaps working abroad in later life.

I believe many prospective teachers prefer to have the majority of their time studying spent within a working school so as to acquire as much experience teaching as they can. The good thing about a PGCE is that one does achieve optimal experience and also the study of teaching and learning techniques within their university.

By Nicholas Cossins



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