Why I Decided To Apply For Maths Teacher Training Scholarship - By Rosie Ballard

 Why I decided to apply for the Scholarship...well, why not? I was told about the Scholarship when applying for my Maths PGCE course by my teacher training advisor (if you're currently looking into becoming a teacher and want some help with the application, interview, prep etc. then sign up for a teacher training advisor on the 'Get Into Teaching' website, they are really great).

Once I had confirmed a place on my ITT coursse, and received some leaflets about Maths Scholarship, I began researching the Scholarship requirements. I didn't have a mahematical or numerical-heavy undergraduate or Masters degree, however I was undertaking a 28 week Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course, which ticked one of the eligibility criteria boxes. Just remember you only need to meet one of these requirements to apply!

I asked myself, why couldn't I become a Scholar just because I didn't have a Maths degree? I had achieved a Maths A Level, an undergraduate degree in Criminology (with a stats module) and had worked for a couple of years as a Research Analyst for a media monitoring company (working with data on a daily basis). What was important was that I knew I wanted to become an inspiring Maths teacher, and I was willing to work to get there. In my mind, the more support and resources you have access to, the greater breadth and depth of knowledge you will have when developing your teaching practice. This is what the Scholarship gives you. Not only it provies a great network of like-minded individuals, all with a passion and fascination for Maths, but we are able to learn and reflect on each other's experiences. The additional exposure to vast and varied resources, professional bodies and industry leaders, that comes with being a member was also a key driver in my decision to apply. Similarly, i knew that learning from those at the forefront of the industry can only improve my teaching practice going forward and help me become that inspiring Maths teacher!

The application process was a very positive experience and I felt supported throughout, despite the interviews having to take place remotely and online. Unfortunately, there's far too much to write  about the application process in this blog, but a quick tip to take on board when applying - showcase your passion for Maths at every stage, and make sure you focus on the reasons why you want and should become a scholar. I'll leave on the note that if you want to try for the Scholarship, you should! Do your research, don't compare yourself to others, and just remember you have nothing to lose!

By Rosie Ballard



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