How I found the Online Assessment as part of my application to the Maths Scholarships

Even if you’ve had some experience with interviews, whether online or in person, the thought of taking an online assessment might be intimidating. However, you are made to feel as comfortable as possible from the beginning to the end of the assessment. You will be given an outline of how the assessment will go as well as the questions you will be asked. The breakdown of questions is helpful because the assessors aren’t aiming to see how effectively you can give an answer on the spot, but rather how well you can reflect on these questions and demonstrate your desire to become a teacher.

The most important thing to remember is that in order to become a maths scholar, you must be able to demonstrate your motivation to be an inspirational mathematics teacher, demonstrate a broad and inclusive understanding of mathematics and its relevance to secondary school students, and demonstrate your interest and commitment to teaching as well as your ability to respond to feedback. You are not competing with anyone; all you have to do is fulfil the criteria by demonstrating the above.

By Lucy Mathews 


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