Training to teach in the year of Coronavirus

Ysabelle LutyI think everyone would admit that 2020 has been a crazy year. A part of me considered delaying my teacher training a year as I was unaware of how the pandemic would impact my training. However, I have dreamt of being a maths teacher ever since I was a child and I thought that I couldn’t let the virus put my life on hold any more than it already has.

Having started my teacher training straight out of university, I have experienced coronavirus both as an undergraduate and as a trainee teacher. However, I would definitely say that it has made much more of an impact on my studies this year. During my undergraduate year I didn’t feel like coronavirus had much of an impact on my studies, yes everything was moved to online but I feel like I adjusted to that quite quickly, so I assumed much would be the same for my PGCE. I was completely wrong about that. Trying to figure out where a student has made a mistake whilst staying two metres apart is tricky to say the least (mini whiteboards will become your best friends).

However, I have to applaud the way my placement school and university have adapted to these unprecedented times. The way we teach and learn has had to change but that hasn’t stopped them from giving their all and ensuring every student is given the education they would expect to have received in previous years.

To anyone considering delaying their training because of the virus, I haven’t and I don’t believe that I am any worse off for it. If anything, I feel that I am better prepared for my future career as I have had to think on my feet and adapt, if you can make it through this year then surely the future should be a walk in the park compared. 

By Ysabelle Luty


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