How did you find the application process to initial teacher training? 

Hi, I’m Jane, and today I’m going to talk about the application process for ITT and some do’s and don’ts based on my experience. Applying for teacher training is really straight forward as it’s all done through UCAS*. You can apply for up to 3 ITT courses with one application which I found really beneficial as I could focus on getting a single application perfect, rather than juggling 3 different forms / processes. I spent about 2 weeks building my application and getting it to the point where I was happy to submit it in November 2020. and by Christmas 2020 I had a place secured, so it is a fairly quick turnaround. Based on my experience here are a few of my do’s and don’ts:

DON’T leave your application to the last minute, there is a lot of information to fill in and it will be obvious if you have rushed your personal statement. Courses also fill up on a first come first serve bases so make sure you don’t leave it too late as all places on your first choice may be taken. 
DO have all of your GCSE, A Level and Degree information and grades ready so that you can be accurate when completing things like your GCSE exam boards and University modules.
DO get several people to review your application, especially your personal statement. Some will be able to spot SPAG errors more easily and others will be able to guide you on the contents of your statement 
DON’T put down your references before asking them first. Your references need to be able to give a detailed personal reference and some companies have policies in which only certain limited information can be given in a reference. Your application doesn’t get submitted to your courses until your references have been completed, so checking with your referees first prevents lengthy delays.  
DO spend a lot of time on your personal statement. Your personal statement can make or break your application, make sure you really consider its structure, contents and flow. Use online tools to guide you on what to include and ask university tutors, family and friends to review it. Think about why you want to become a maths teacher and what skills and experience you could bring to the role.

Overall, I found the application process straight forward and effective. My main piece of advice would be to take your time with your application, especially your personal statement, to give yourself the best chance of securing those interviews. 

By Jane Eccles


*Message from the Scholarships Team: From 2021/22 applications to teacher training in England are through Apply For Teacher Training, the government’s teacher training application portal. 

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