My experience of the Online Assessment as part of my application to the Maths Scholarships

The Online Assessment was initially quite daunting, but well in advance of the day, I received details of all the questions, and advice on how to prepare. This meant I knew everything to expect and was able to prepare answers to any potential questions. Some of the topics were certainly challenging and made me think about my motivations for teaching and how to make mathematics engaging and enjoyable for students. 

When the Assessment day arrived, I was of course apprehensive, but because I was completely prepared, I felt ready.  The assessors were lovely, and the experience was very enjoyable - more like a discussion than an interview! I came away feeling even more excited about teaching maths! 

If like me, you haven’t done many interviews before, practice with a friend or colleague to ensure you feel as confident as possible. And try not to stress! You will receive a lot of contact from the team before the day and they will do everything they can to accommodate you.

By Sophie Banks


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