Why Did I Apply For A Maths Scholarship? - By Rebecca Heastier


 Being completely honest, it was the extra funding that initially drew me to the Maths Scholarship. The Training Manager at the school where I’d be doing my Initial Teacher Training sent me an email setting out the benefits of a scholarship with the nudge that there was “no reason not to apply”.

It didn’t take me long to realise that there was a fair bit more to the Scholarship than just extra money. Teaching is such a community, with people offering their expertise and resources freely in person or on social media.

As I explored what was on offer it became obvious that I would need to develop a strong and supportive network around me as I become the teacher I wish to be.

The Scholarship offers a safe community of likeminded people, all starting again as teachers and all maths specialists. Everyone brings something that little bit more to the Profession, and we’re all going through the same thing. The professional memberships and regular training sessions can’t fail to be helpful, although right now (in the first few weeks of the course) it feels as though I’m already learning at full tilt!

It wasn’t a hard choice to apply, and I’m delighted to have been accepted. I was lucky enough to attend an in-face assessment centre and the others there were great people – I look forwards to catching up with them as the year progresses (COVID permitting). 

For anyone considering applying, I’d echo my Training Manager’s advice: there is simply no good reason not to.

Best of luck!


By Rebecca Heastier



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