Why I Decided To Apply For A Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship - By Callum Shreeve

Callum ShreeveI decided to apply for a mathematics scholarship as I knew it would make my future job applications stand out from the rest, following on from my initial teacher training (ITT) year. Before applying for the scholarship, I had previously completed my degree and masters in mathematics. Due to having these qualifications, I felt like I had a strong chance of being awarded the scholarship. The reason I felt the scholarship would be helpful for me was due to the vast array of support given by teachers, previous trainees and other scholars. This wide level of support and knowledge will give me the best chance at sustaining a successful career. I also recognised that the various networking events and training courses would enhance my insight into the profession and may even create future job opportunities. 

As well as this, I believe that throughout this scholarship there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved with the group and put forward my knowledge and ideas to the team. I also bring along a bit of experience with SEND children, which could be favourable amongst other trainees who require strategies to support set individuals in their classrooms. I was also persuaded to apply for the course because of the large amount of classroom resources on the several websites made available to us. These resources could either be useful or may even simply offer advice on how to produce a set worksheet or activity.

The fact I had completed a masters course meant that I would not be able to apply for a government loan. Therefore, to create good quality work, this scholarship was crucial to free my time, eliminating the need to uptake part time work, alongside a full-time course. This financial help was also key to helping remove my stress, meaning in turn my academic work can now thrive. I also think that the three future career payments are advantageous for me when I am a teacher. This is since the money can be used to bring in more creative material to help make my lessons more fun and engaging.

I look forward to finding out what the scholarship will bring to me this year.

By Callum Shreeve



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