My Feel-Good Story In The Classroom - By Sanjay Ram

In my year 9 class, there was a student who disliked maths - he disregarded the subject because he could not see how it would be useful within his life, or the real-world. This was further reflected in the lack of participation and confidence he displayed during lessons. As I continued to teach the class, I began to incorporate real-life examples into my lessons or discussed how the topic I was teaching was relevant to the real-world. For example, when teaching the class about 2D and 3D compound shapes, I drew links to how this topic is linked to architecture. 

This sparked a flame of interest in the student’s mind as he began to see the importance of mathematics in the real-world. His confidence began to increase; he started to participate more in lessons; he liked talking about mathematics. In fact, he began to think about the real-world use cases of the mathematics he was learning and shared these with the class. Furthermore, this was reflected by a positive increase in his formal assessment marks and grades. This is one of many moments that tell me that I have made the correct choice in pursuing a career in education.

By Sanjay Ram



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