Why I Decided To Become A Maths Scholar - By Jaimy Lunn


 Back in secondary school I was really struggling with Maths and achieved a D (grade 3 nowadays) at the end of Year 10.

At that rate I knew I would have to re-take maths at college and I really did not want to. As a result, I hunkered down and started revising vigorously.  It was only through this coupled with the help that my teacher gave me, and his teaching methods was I able to achieve an A* (between grade 8 and 9 nowadays).

Furthermore, he was able to help me see the connection of maths to both physics and chemistry which really helped me in those subjects – two I had also previously struggled with. I took maths, physics and chemistry on to college and then later did a degree in mathematical physics.

This all would not have been possible without my teachers support. Using the resources that the maths scholarship offers such as webinars and the many institutions I can join will be invaluable to my teaching and help me pass on what I have learned to the next generation of mathematicians.

These resources not only will help me be a better teacher but also a better mathematician as they cover a wide selection of topics helping me inspire the students just as my secondary school teacher was able to.

By Jaimy Lunn



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