How I found the Online Assessment aspect of my Application to the Maths Scholarship

Erwin SuthagarI want to begin by saying that I am terrible at interviews and online assessments. I struggle to articulate myself properly under time pressure and I have failed many online assessments in the past. However, the online assessment for my scholarship application was simple to understand and unique. Initially, I began by submitting my personal statement and my application form. This part of the application allowed me to express my passion towards mathematics. Once this was reviewed, I was asked to attend an online interview.

Having done many interviews in my life, the most memorable interview was my scholarship interview. Prior to the interview, I was sent an email with some of the questions that I was going to be asked during the interview. I found this particularly useful as I was able to prepare my answers properly. Whilst completing the interview, I was initially nervous however, I found that the interviewer was very positive and made me feel comfortable. My interviewer asked me interesting questions which probed my mathematical thinking instead of asking me questions like “Why do you want this scholarship?”.

Unlike some other interviews that I have completed, I truly feel that my scholarship interview gave me a fair opportunity to articulate myself.

By Erwin Suthagar