A Day as a Trainee Teacher

Today was the first day that I took all my solo teaching classes (no more observing!) so I thought it would be a brilliant day to write about! My day started with a free lesson which meant that I spent most of it in the photocopying room getting my three lessons sorted for the day.

My second lesson was my first lesson with my new Year 8 class. It was a really good lesson on sequences and overall it went well. Hint: learn the students’ names ASAP, it helps… a lot. I gave out 3 formal warnings and took a student’s phone of him for the day, so that was an eventful lesson. My second lesson was with my Year 9 class, who I had started teaching the week before. It was a pretty quiet lesson, apart from being sworn at. The thing I found the hardest about this was trying to not laugh; it is harder than it seems!

My fourth lesson was a group teaching lesson with Year 11 who have their mock exams this week so I was just running around the classroom, answering random questions on random topics that the students were struggling with. It would go from answering a Trig question to answering a question on addition. My fifth and final lesson of the day was teaching Year 7 algebra. Oh boy, Year 7s do not like algebra. It is actually really fun to teach, even though they do not like it, it is just hard trying to make it fun for them. Year 7s have so much energy and last lesson on a Monday, straight after lunch, they do take it out of you but they also provide with a lot of laughs.

After school, I had a meeting with my ITT Mentor about the progress I have made during the last week which is basically just forms, forms and more forms. There is a lot of forms involved with training so you best get used to it. I really like these meetings because it is a time to think about the last week, box it off and tick it. After my meeting, I then needed to plan my lessons for tomorrow (luckily, I only have one) and then it was back to the photocopying room. Today was an eventful day, they are not always this busy, but would I change it? No. I love what I am doing.

By Emma Moulton