Why I Decided I Wanted to be a Maths Scholar

I decided that I wanted to become a Maths Scholar because of the invaluable opportunity it provides. As a Maths Scholar, I am a part of a community of fellow Maths enthusiasts who offer support and useful advice. The ‘Common Room’, workshops and seminars offered for Maths Scholars allow a wealth of knowledge to be shared and questions to be asked to alumni. I knew that the chance to network and exchange ideas and approaches could help me develop my own ideas by having it viewed from a different perspective based on the varied background and life experiences of other fellow community members, additionally having a community there to support you on your journey is also an enormous bonus. 

Seeing how others have spoken about being a Maths Scholar with many describing it as an “invaluable experience” only served to strengthen my determination in becoming a Maths Scholar. This opportunity was paramount in giving me the necessary head in my career in teaching as being a teacher is what I have always wanted, and will likely always want, to do as a career.

Further, I wanted access to the CPD events on offer since this could help contribute towards my goal of becoming a well-developed, professional in the workplace. Having access to high quality resources and CPD events would help me make more informed decisions when it comes to teaching my future students, as well as developing my own skills. To be at the forefront of mathematics education, you need to understand evolving methods of teaching and learning which I believe I will be exposed to during the Scholarship. Having access to all the professional resources on offer will only serve to strengthen my ability to be at the forefront of mathematics education.

To anyone considering becoming a Maths Scholar, I would highly recommend it, since it only serves to enrich your future teaching career. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity provided and I cannot wait to for the next event!

By Aqeedah Hussain


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