The Maths Scholars Scheme the final countdown

2017 Has been so successful for the Maths Scholars scheme

What can you see in the looking glass? A bright future that will challenge and excite, or more of the ‘same old same old’?

What can you see in the looking glass? A bright future that will challenge and excite, or more of the ‘same old same old’?
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Come on now, you know the words! Sing with hope and feeling – IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! We’ve made it.  There were times during this year when I wasn’t entirely sure how we were going to meet and assess the incredible number of high quality applications we received.  But as always, the dedicated staff of the scholarship team and the wonderful group of assessors simply stepped up to the task given and cracked on with the job in hand.  I should never have bothered even being mildly panicked. 

The last Scholars are working on their assessments in Manchester 

So, thanks to the diligence of everyone involved, as I write this, the last of this year’s candidates are sitting the assessment centre in Manchester.  Split between the interview, discussion and presentation there is a genuine excitement in the air as people discuss their plans for the ITT places they start next week.  This is only slightly tempered by the studious work of those candidates currently sitting the maths exam required for those candidates who have completed an SKE) in the room to my left.

By the end of the 1st of September more than 400 people will have come to our assessment centres. 

Be excited at the training opportunities to come.

Be excited at the training opportunities to come.
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Throughout the year, those of us involved in these assessment centres have never ceased to be amazed, inspired and frankly blown away by the sheer enthusiasm of the candidates.  Although there is still a shortage of maths teachers, there is clear evidence at our assessment centres of a cohort of people who are truly dedicated to changing the perception of maths. They also want to become teachers who are remembered for all the right reasons.

We wish everyone good luck for the coming year’s training

So, to everyone who is starting initial teacher training over the next month, no matter what subject, whether you are on a PGCE course, Schools Direct or Teach First I want to wish you every success.  When times get tough, as they do in every single job, remember why you wanted to teach.  Revel in the brilliant days, roll with the harder days.  You have had the courage to follow your dreams.  Teaching is an amazing profession. You are going to make a difference to so many people. 

Maths Scholars have already achieved so much and they’ve barely started!

 How is your future looking?

How is your future looking?
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Lastly to those who applied to the scholarship scheme – thank you for giving us our most successful year ever.  It really has been a year to remember! To everyone who came along to the assessment centres, we hope you found the day useful and engaging, no matter what the outcome was.  To our scholars for 2017/18, well done on your achievement.  We will be with you every step of the way, starting with our Scholars event on September 23rd 2017 at Conference Aston!

If you are thinking of applying next year, hold on as we will be announcing what’s next very soon. Meanwhile, have a look at the information we have on the website starting with our latest blog with plenty of advice regarding making an application and attending interviews and assessment centres.

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