How do you envisage the Maths Scholarship supporting you through your initial teacher training?

Abbie RileyThere are numerous benefits to being a member of the Maths Scholarship programme, and I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity of accessing them all. 

One of the key aspects of the Scholarship, in my opinion, is the provision of CPD events. Having previously attended my first event in September, I am already booked on my second – ‘Using Art to Teach Maths’, and I am excited to find out what I can absorb and take into my lessons. The series of events offered is specifically curated for the Scholars, and it is clear to see the thought and effort put into organising them, as the knowledge gain and guidance available is outstanding. I know I will learn something from every event that will increase my confidence moving forward as a teacher. 

Teacher training is unlike anything else, so only those who are also (or have been on) the same journey can truly understand what you are going through. Being a Maths Scholar, you are immediately part of a huge community of people all striving for the same thing – To be outstanding maths teachers. I feel extremely grateful to have connections to others going through the same process, as that’s a huge support network for everyone involved. There are also countless opportunities for collaborations, by accessing the STEM Learning Community Group. 

Another fantastic component of support from the Maths Scholarship is access to some phenomenal resources, including MEI’s ‘Integral’ website. I had access to this website when studying for my A-Levels, and found it an enormous support to my studies. I have genuinely missed having access to Integral until now, as I found it an invaluable asset. The materials available are so rich and comprehensive, you could not want for better. Knowing I intend on teaching A-Level maths within my career, Integral is a fantastic tool for engaging in subject knowledge enhancement.

Ultimately the Scholarships programme will provide me with a wealth of information on how to constantly improve my teaching practises, whilst also providing the tools to do so. I have no doubt I will emerge a stronger teacher as a result of the support available to me.

By Abbie Riley