Maths Scholars Scheme 2017 is now closed

Phew!  What an immensely busy few weeks the scheme has just had – and it’s culminated in the Maths Scholars Scholarship Scheme closing at the end of Round 5.

The Maths Scholars scheme has been super popular this year

That means there will be no Round 6! Had you told me that in September I would never have believed it.  In fact, even when we decided to put on additional assessment centres (by the end of August we will have held nearly double the number from last year) I didn’t think they would all fill and we’d be open until the end of July.

Avoid Negativity

The power of maths and social media

We have all been amazed that throughout the course of the year the phenomenally high level of applications has remained consistent. In fact, we gradually realised that by April it was likely the scheme was going  to close early.  As soon as we knew this, we have done our best to communicate with everyone, who has been following the scheme, that we would shut applications as soon as all the assessment centres were full. We have been putting this message out on social media and on our website for a few weeks now. It even seems to have galvanised the late stragglers. Oh the power of social media!

Counting Down increases urgency

In fact I was slightly worried when we started to put out on social media how many spaces were left at assessment centres. In my mind I thought it might actually stop people applying.  What actually happened was the exact reverse. What do the experts say about scarcity marketing? Every successful campaign should have a count down and this has proved to be quite a technique even though it was done naively on our part!

It takes courage to apply to be a Maths Scholar

Maths Teacher Training Scholarships

So to each and everyone one of you who has been brave enough to submit an application and put yourselves forward for assessment, my heartfelt thanks.  I know the courage it take to apply for a scheme where you are going to be assessed and compared against your peers. Hopefully, those who have already attended an assessment centre will let you know that the team does their very best to make the days as welcoming as possible and many candidates leave saying how much they have enjoyed networking with others and have learnt new ideas to try when they are in school.

But what’s  next for the Maths Scholars Scheme team?

Well, there is still a great deal left to do to ensure that that the remaining assessment centres run as smoothly as possible – and to do this I need to ask for your help.  

Firstly, if you’re booked onto an assessment centre over the summer, and for any reason you change your mind about your application to the scheme please make contact.  Many dates now have waiting lists and if you can’t make a date, someone else would love your space. I guess it’s just good manners and an excellent life skill to let people know of your decisions and movements.

Equally, if you need to change your date get in contact quickly.  All our assessment centres are full, so if you can’t come we can fill your space and put you on the waiting list for another date.  I’m afraid if you simply don’t turn up to your assessment centre, there will be no second chance. There will be no discussion these are the rules and we will stick by them.

Secondly, if you’ve got a question please bear with us! Unsurprisingly the e-mail inbox for the scholarships team is a little bit like a scene out of The Matrix at the moment with e-mails arriving at a crazy rate.  We will reply to you as quickly as we can, but please give us a little time.  Equally, if you call to talk to the scholarship team, give them time to help you.  We’re flat out at the moment and can’t always recall every fact instantly.  Lastly, if you’ve not already done so, connect with us on social media.  You can find the Maths Scholars twitter feed here and Facebook here. This is where you’ll find all the latest updates and information.

If you’re preparing to come to an assessment centre, why not look at our advice on the website to help you?  If you’ve got this far, put in that extra effort to make sure you really stand out at the assessment centre – it will be time well spent.  The team is really looking forward to meeting you and we can’t wait for you to join our esteemed group of Maths Scholars. See you soon.

For anyone who has not applied this year then may we suggest that you start organising what you need for your application so you are first off the blocks when we return in October.

Things you can be doing until October are as follows:

The Get Into Teaching scheme has a special event on the 22nd November for anyone interested in teaching Maths, Physics and computing amongst others.

If you have any questions please contact The Maths Scholars scheme right here.