Maths Scholar Muhammad Saeed knows the power of Scholars

Why would you encourage others to apply for a Maths Scholars scholarship award?

To encourage other to apply for the Maths Scholars scholarship would be to explain the reasons for myself applying for this scholarship.  When I started to apply for my Secondary PGCE (Mathematics) PGCE course with the University of Nottingham, I came across Maths Scholarship through the get into teaching website.  There were not just the financial benefits for this Scholarship, but all the other aspects of the scholarship such as membership to organisations such as London Mathematical Society (LMS), Royal Statistical Society (RSS), Mathematics In Education and Industry (MEI) and the Mathematical Association (MA) is highly valuable as the membership to these organisations, offers a lot of great resources that will benefit me in my PGCE and NQT year.

  Muhammad Saeed

The other benefits were the invites to Scholar Events - where I would be able to meet other scholars and hear seminars from leading professionals and researchers in the field of Mathematics and the teaching of Mathematics as well as having access to publications to assist me in my studies.  The ability to highlight the scholarship on my CV is great as I feel it’s quite an achievement becoming a Maths Scholar. Also I can show my future employers that I went above and beyond the norm and pursued a better environment for me to develop my teaching skills.  Applying for the scholarship gave me the opportunity to face a prestigious challenge to practice and develop my interview skills and to meet like-minded prospective scholars to share ideas about the world of Mathematics.

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Having started my PGCE, I believe that the additional support and material available to me because of being a Maths Scholar is great and invaluable and has helped me during my time at University. They will keep benefiting me through the rest of my PGCE year as well as my future years in teaching.  Hopefully when applying for jobs in the near future, my prospective future employers will see that me being a Maths Scholar will set me apart from other candidates and help improve my chances in securing a job. So these are some of the main reasons for encouraging people to apply for the Maths Scholarship Award.  Why don’t you give it a go; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Good luck!

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