Why I decided I wanted to become a Maths Scholar

Mathematics, for which I have a strong passion, is inseparable from my field of study, aerospace materials engineering. In being fortunate to have been in engineering education and research, I received a doctorate title roughly two years ago. My learning experiences and skills were mostly mathematics applied, earning me expert attention to detail, strong analytical and real-life engineering problem-solving skills, and capability of generating high standard reports. Thus, I applied for a PGCE in mathematics at secondary school level, which eventually lead to an award for becoming a Maths Scholar.

The main reason that provoked my interest, into secondary school mathematics teaching, and in becoming a Maths Scholar, was to be able to apply my knowledge and skill set, and to fulfil the demand of the shortage of teachers within this subject. My achievements, especially from my past positions, have been many. I have confidently taught several engineering modules, at 1st and 2nd year degree level. Some of these subjects included further engineering maths and simulation, engineering science and analysis, thermodynamics and design studies. In mathematics, a considerable amount of material was on calculus, geometry, matrices, and algebra. In mechanics, topics were contact mechanics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and mechanics of material. For the aerospace degree, topics were on aircraft structures, mechanics, composites and dynamics of structures. I further taught aeromechanics to third-year students and played a part in developing the module content. All these subjects were highly analytical. Apart from this, I learned to programme to solve/analyse complex engineering problems. Also, during my research, I performed many statistical analyses to present my findings. Thus, I conclude my experiences will indeed be inspirational to young individuals. 

I feel I can provide pupils the awareness of the use of mathematics within real-life problem solving and modelling, which will benefit in their mathematical conceptual understanding, fluency, and ultimately a progression in their preferred careers. Apart from this, the reasons for becoming a Maths Scholar, in addition to the rich financial help, was support towards my ambitions, and my personal development, in this teaching career. This comprises the support and networking opportunities through memberships of the various groups and societies. Being ready to pick up and get insight from other Scholars and professionals will be integral in obtaining the knowhow in the math’s community. The two years’ access to MEI’s Integral website, and learning resources for GCSE, AS/A level Mathematics will be extremely valued when producing material for lessons. Also, the exclusive events will aid in keeping me up to date with the latest advancement in mathematics teaching. Thus, in becoming a Maths Scholar, I am on board towards developing into an outstanding mathematics teacher.

By Abdul Shah


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