The Winton Gallery provokes mathematical inspiration

‘Mathematical practice underpins so many aspects of our lives and work. We hope that bringing together remarkable stories, people and exhibits will inspire visitors to consider the role of mathematics in a new light.'

David Rooney Exhibition Curator

Last week the Science Museum opened a fantastic new gallery designed by the architect Zaha Hadid who sadly died earlier in 2016. Hadid was the exact choice of architect for a gallery dedicated to Mathematics. She studied maths herself at Beirut University and only after this did she make the switch to architecture. Was there anyone better placed to understand the ambition and complexity of such a space?

Being such a high profile addition to a venerable institution as the Science Museum, The Winton Gallery has the ambition of underpinning how central mathematics is to our lives even when we least expect.

When you visit, expect to see over 100 exhibits taken from the Science Museum’s collections. The story of mathematics unfolds as you wander round and soak up the narrative. If ever mathematicians needed a focus and a place of worship this may well be it. The very focus is the Handley Page ‘Gugnunc’ experimental aircraft. This is where aerodynamic research meets the real world, where mathematics informs practice and changes life. This aircraft also served as the inspiration for the gallery design itself that is driven by airflow equations utilised by the aviation industry.

Science Museum, London
Science Museum, London - Photograph is by Nick Guttridge


“Conceived as a wind tunnel for the largest object in the gallery – a Handley Page aircraft from 1929  – the space follows the lines of airflow around it in a stunning display of imagined aerodynamics" ZHA.

Certainly the drama and beauty of the Winton Gallery just demonstrates how mathematics has reinvented its image.  It is a vital part of our economy, our vision and our future. Young people have to see it as an attractive career choice and the Winton Gallery helps to achieve this.

Wooden scale mathematical instrument


The Maths Scholars scheme is so impressed by this development and it underpins the need to market mathematics at every level. As we continue the 5th year of the scheme we are delighted to announce to say we have experienced a record number of applications and that Round 2 has just begun. It seems more and more people are being inspired to teach mathematics and have become aware of the scheme.

If you take time to visit the Winton Gallery over the Christmas holidays then you too might feel inspired to teach maths. This is where the Maths Scholars scheme comes in to its own.

AS the Chief Executive of the IMA said:

“The IMA is delighted that the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship scheme will continue into a fifth year. As ever, the scheme will encourage applications from anyone with excellent mathematical knowledge combined with the flair and creativity to be an inspirational maths teacher. Our incredible Scholars are making a real difference to the next generation’s mathematical knowledge. We look forward to meeting many, many more” - David Youdan, Chief Executive of the IMA

If you want to see how to apply, assess the criteria for yourself, learn about filling in the Maths Scholars’ application form for maximum effect, interview techniques and other things beside do check out the Maths scholars website and transform your life.

You can also read about our current Maths scholars and how they are feeling about their first few months training to be a Maths Teacher.

If you have any questions either contact us via Facebook or the Contact Us page on the website.

We look forward to meeting you in 2017

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