Secondary Maths teaching is it the career for you?

When does anyone make the decision to become a maths teacher? What thought processes does anyone go through? Initial thoughts might stem from memories of school. They may come through something seen in the news or the media where thoughts begin to percolate. Could I teach maths? Is it possible?

Tennis ball rolling and rotating with water

What possibilities do you see for a career in maths teaching?

Obviously people often have doubts about whether they could possibly undertake such a demanding role. Let’s face it, teaching comes with considerable responsibilities and these should not be underestimated. Not only is there a maths curriculum to contend with but also there’s the complex nature of relationships with students.  Teachers are often both mentors and form tutors. Teachers, as we all know, can have a profound effect regarding the way we learn a subject or even the way we behave.

Meditate on your future career as a Maths teacher

Meditate on your future career as a Maths teacher? What might you achieve?

Sometimes it’s a passion for mathematics and mathematical thinking that fires the ambition to teach maths. A number of our maths scholars change careers to become maths teachers. Police officers, computer programmers, bankers, and hat makers are among the few varied jobs that went by the wayside before becoming a Maths Scholar.

What can be done therefore to prepare for the decision-making process. Many past Scholars have realised the potential in a teaching career by undertaking observations in schools. One person said that had some doubts about whether teaching was for her and in particular whether secondary school maths teaching was an appropriate career choice. Fear about not being inspiring or motivational enough can lead to self-doubt. However, when time is spent with students and being on the other side of the desk things can be very different.

Winning a Maths Scholars scholarship can be a tremendous confidence boost. With mentors in school and also teacher trainers’ knowledge and experience teaching skills can improve and develop very quickly. Maths scholar, Jess Clifton told the scheme:

Before I began teaching I thought I had a good knowledge and understanding of maths. But there’s always room for improvement. Jess has revisited various areas of maths prior to teaching them which has enabled her to develop a deeper understanding. 

As students learn in different ways Jess has needed to look at some areas of maths differently in order to be able to provide each of the students with the best help and support possible.

When I first began teaching I was nervous when someone observed my lesson, whereas now I see this as a positive experience as it means I will receive feedback on my lesson, which I can then use to help improve my teaching and ensure a better learning experience for all the students.

Applying for the Maths Scholars scheme can help boost confidence and also underscore just why teaching maths might be the career for you. If you are looking to improve and develop your self-belief then sitting down to consider why you might want to teach maths. The application is just the start but is a foundational step towards a complete transformation of your world picture and also the many, many students you will come into contact with throughout your career.

If you would like to apply to become a Maths Scholar in 2017 -2018 then you can check out all the details on our website including FAQs.