Tell Us About Your First Experience Teaching By Katie Liddell 

Katie LiddellWhen I was 11, I went to a school in which we had really long summer holidays. During the summer holidays, I did some work experience in a school where we lived. I was helping out with foundation stage, just supporting lessons where I could. The same year I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia. Here as a school we spent time in orphanages working with the children there teaching English. Since then I have specialised in teaching maths.  

Three years ago, I spent some of the time I had off from university in a school in the midlands teaching and supporting the maths department. At this point I still didn’t want to go into teaching, however what this did inspire me to do is tutoring. I set out on my own, managing to get as many clients as I wanted to fit around my job and my studies. This is when I was first inspired to go into teaching as a career. Having my own students that I made my own lessons for and supported through their exams. This I feel was my first experience of teaching. It is what inspired me to peruse it as a career, what drove me to finish my degree because I was able to help people make a difference to their own live and get to where they wanted to go, and I loved it.  

I am yet to start my placement in school, but I am more excited than I am scared. I have been into many different schools, both as a student and as support staff. I am keen to get to know my classes and experience that feeling again of helping and inspiring students to enjoy maths and I feel like with the training I have had so far, I can bring more enjoyment to maths lessons. I just need to find my feet in the classroom and gain the experience of standing in front of a class. I am only loving the choice I have made for my career more and more at the moment, and hope this enjoyment will continue when I start my placement.    

By Katie Liddell 



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