Maths Scholars Reveal What The Maths Scholarship Scheme Meant To Them

Curious about the Maths Scholarship scheme? Is it right for you? What kind of people apply for the scheme? What will you get out of it? We think the best way to find out the answers to these questions is to hear from the maths scholars themselves. But first, let us clarify: 

The Maths Scholarship Scheme is none of these things:
- a hot house for nerds,
- a group of boffins with Einstein tendencies,
- an exclusive club that's difficult to join.

What it is, however, is:
- a supportive community brimming with invaluable resources to help you reach your full potential,
- a scheme where passionate teachers and maths lovers can be rewarded,
- an opportunity to boost your career chances.

If you’ve ever thought about teaching maths, but so far it’s remained an unfulfilled ambition, read on and hear first hand how the maths scholarship scheme has helped shape the skills and careers of these talented individuals.

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Our Maths Scholars have seen fantastic benefits from the Maths Scholarship Scheme Award. Will you be next?

Liam Hoy was applying for the Secondary PGCE (Mathematics) School Direct course with the Thomas Estley Learning Alliance, in association with the University of Leicester, when he first found out about the Maths Scholarship Scheme from IMA. 

“I discovered that, as well as being offered financial support; the scholarship gave me access to many other bonuses,’ says Liam, “Like a two-year membership to the IMA, London Mathematical Society (LMS), Royal Statistical Society (RSS), Mathematics In Education And Industry (MEI) and the Mathematical Association (MA). There were also invitations to Scholar Events – where I would be able to meet other scholars and hear seminars from leading professionals and researchers in the field of Mathematics and the teaching of Mathematics.”

Liam said it wasn’t just about the credibility that comes with being selected for a scholarship. “I wanted a better environment to pursue my teaching skills,” he says. He also hopes that he can inspire his students by sharing his story.

“It gave me the opportunity to face a prestigious challenge, to practice and develop my interview skills and to meet like-minded prospective scholars to share ideas about the world of Mathematics,” says Liam. 

Another Maths Scholar says that the scheme has given her a lot of confidence.

“In the industry there were people who had maths degrees. I always wondered if I was going to be good enough. So winning a Maths Scholars gave me so much confidence. That was just one of the many benefits,” she says. “The Scholars network has gotten me more involved with other people. It’s given me loads of ideas about classroom practice and now I’m not so scared. I got to chat to all kinds of scholars and other teachers, as well as attending conferences. I feel really positive. Also, if I mention that I am in possession of a Maths Scholars award people are impressed and it has even helped me to get a job. I guess it does sound impressive to prospective employers. I now know what I want from life.”

Maths Scholar Ian Jepson says that the additional support that comes with the scholarship has enabled them to ‘hit the ground running’ as a trainee teacher, given the significant changes to the Key-Stage 4 curriculum. “In addition, I have been able to quickly develop a clear understanding of the latest knowledge and skills required of GCSE students to achieve success. As an indicator of how valuable this support has been, I seem to have had more knowledge and awareness of the changes than some of my fellow teachers.” How’s that for a competitive advantage?

Another Maths Scholar says she has been surprised by how diverse the Maths Scholarship scheme is. “Scholars not only vary in age, ITT pathway and placement conditions, but also in their educational background,” she says. “When applying I was fairly apprehensive about the scheme being able to follow through with all the benefits stated, as there were just so many. However, I can wholeheartedly say that the IMA scheme has provided all that it promised and much more.”

The UK is not training enough maths teachers, and with Brexit looming on the horizon, we need to start planning for the future. Maths is the bedrock for understanding the sciences, maths is an essential component to building a strong economic future for the UK. Your maths teaching skills can make a valuable contribution to bridging the gap. The Maths Scholarship Scheme is designed to help you every step of the way. So what are you waiting for?

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