Why I Decided To Apply For A Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship - By George Savage

George SavageIn my journey of becoming a maths teacher, I always knew that I do not want to be one of those teachers who just shows up, ticks the boxes and goes home. I want to be that teacher who students remember once they leave school, the one who inspires them to explore more into the field of maths and brings excitement to the subject. For this to be achievable, it is vital for me to have a genuine passion for the subject and its pedagogy. 

In order to increase my passion for the subject, access to resources on the most recent developments in the field would be a major benefit. Access to IMA’s ‘Teaching Mathematics and its Applications’ journal would ensure that I am aware of the most recent advancements and issues is maths education. In addition, access to resources such as LMS’s monthly newsletter and RSS’s bi-monthly Significance magazine can provide a plethora of insights into developments and issues in every area of maths, from the maths of Ancient Egypt to the applications of statistics in data science. Being up to date with the most recent and thought-provoking advancements in the subject and its pedagogy would only add to my passion, which would then translate to the classroom. 

The scholarship also provides a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. The Scholars Community Group, along with various workshops and seminars present the ability to engage with fellow scholars and even experienced mathematicians. Being a part of the community group is a chance to exchange ideas to deliver the most inspirational maths lessons and also be a part of a supportive network. This would be incredibly beneficial, particularly during my training year, as I would be able to share my ideas with others who are going through the same process, essential in self-reflection for improving my practice. 

In summary, I knew that the scholarship would be a huge boost for those who want to go the extra mile in order to stand out from the crowd and be the most inspirational maths teacher. I strongly believe that maths is the most exciting subject offered at school and many global issues we face today, such as climate change and the pandemic, require a thorough understanding of maths in order to solve. For these reasons, I know that education of maths to the next generation will not only provide them with essential employability skills, but will also play a huge role in ensuring a better future for society. The Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship can therefore be a major asset to ensure my maths lessons are of the highest quality, therefore being a great benefit for the future. 

By George Savage 



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