How do you envisage the Maths Scholarship supporting you through your initial teacher training?

Anjali VenugopalI believe that there is always room for continual improvement of one’s abilities by self-reflection of their practices and by taking on board the advice from peers and experts. I have had a fruitful experience with various interaction events which I have been a part of over the past few weeks where I always found opportunities to grasp new information and resources. As a teacher trainee, I am always curious about understanding the student learning process in and outside the classroom.

From my first common room experience, I felt the support, motivation and energy from my fellow scholars and experts in the field who all were willing to share their knowledge and offer help to each other. I enjoy listening to their ideas, pieces of advice and discussions on new practices in teaching by using a variety of resources such as NRICH, MEI, STEM Learning and Integral. These will aid me in planning and preparing a lesson plan that supports and challenges the learner’s needs.

The CPD events will help me to continue making progress and learning new skills that will help me to be a good role model for young learners. The newsletters and research articles open a door to the world of thought-provoking discussions, pedagogy techniques and provide key takeaways about new ideas and applications.

Being a Maths scholar will give me impeccable advantages with the wealth of resources and knowledge and I believe I can achieve remarkable milestones as an inspirational teacher.

By Anjali Venugopal