Why I Decided To Apply For A Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship - By Liam Bath

Liam Bath

There are of course many reasons to apply for this scholarship due to the great benefits it gives its Scholars. I would like to share the ones that I believe are and will be the most beneficial and why this is the case.

I just want to point out that the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship application process is well thought through and is very thought provoking which means that ultimately, whether you’re successful or not, it is worth applying. This application process really reveals your personal feelings towards a multitude of issues such as mathematics as a subject, the problems in the education system and the importance of collaborating within the teaching community.

Having this scholarship on your CV is a key indicator to your future employers that you can become a leader in mathematics education; that you have the potential to progress up the ranks and make a real impact to thousands of students rather than just a class full. The reason future employers will appreciate your time as a Scholar is because those that run the scholarship have experience and therefore are trusted to pick out the individuals that will go on to do extremely well in this field.

A huge reason to be a Maths Scholar is to be able to access the exclusive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events. Not only do they allow you to network with other teachers, but they allow you to see better teaching practices and standards. Research shows that the ability of a teacher is far more important that the experience a teacher has, when being considered for leadership roles. So, the CPD events will naturally improve your ability in the classroom because you can choose what you think are the best teaching characteristics you want to apply to your own teaching practice.

The biggest benefit to me is being part of the community. You will soon realise when you start your teacher training how important collaboration is between teachers. Looking at something from different perspectives, I believe is the key to becoming a good teacher and educator. Since scholars come from various different ITT providers, they will throughout the year be able to bring fresh ideas that you had not seen at your own ITT provider. Another side to the community is the support you receive from others. The bad experiences or uneasy moments during the journey as a trainee teacher can be very stressful and upsetting, other scholars will have been through the same thing and come out the other side with solutions and help. You can then stay motivated on your journey to becoming an inspiring mathematics teacher.

By Liam Bath



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