What Teacher Training Route Did You Choose And Why? - By Hannah Buckley

Hannah BuckleyI chose to complete my teacher training through a school centred route (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) as opposed to a university-based programme. My main reason for choosing a school-based route was so I would be in the classroom from day 1.

Having had a break from university and already having some experience in secondary education, I didn’t want to return to a lecture-style course – I wanted to feel like I was going to work each day rather than going back to full-time studying. You are also more likely to be in the same school for longer – I will be with my current placement school for 5 out of the 6 half-terms. This allows you to build more of a presence in the school and invest more in your relationships with the students. This level of permanence was important to me.

In addition to being in school, I have one training day per week where all the local trainees on the programme meet to share our experiences and work on our professional skills. I have found having these sessions alongside teaching in a school incredibly useful, as you can take ideas discussed into the classroom straight away. Choosing this route has not stopped me from being able to complete the PGCE qualification, as my course provider works with a University to incorporate the necessary content into our training. There was also a financial aspect to my decision. I am not an employee of my placement school, but am a student of the accrediting institution, allowing me to access the support provided by Student Finance England.

By Hannah Buckley



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