My first experiences of teaching Maths

Before my first lesson to say I was nervous was an understatement. After my first lesson, to say I felt great is also an understatement!

I’d planned and prepped my PowerPoint and resources, rehearsed the lesson with my mum the night before and double checked my plan and learning objectives. I felt ready but still nervous at the thought of having 28 pairs of year 8s eyes looking at me to lead them through a lesson on probability.

The bell rang for the end of break, and they were all waiting outside, and it was time to get them in, get the books handed out and get them settled. It went pretty well, there were a couple at the front bickering but a threat of a C1 if they didn’t quieten down and crack on with their numeracy ninjas did the trick. Then I was up at the front with my PowerPoint on the board and my heart was racing. But after the starter activity I settled down, took a few deep breaths and we were away. I was asking the questions I had prepped; the pupils were getting involved and answering the questions and asking more. I felt so pleased that things were going to plan. I then noticed a child with his head on the desk not really engaging so went over and asked him to sit up and join in, after a slight resistance he did and I even got an apology after a quick word at the end of the lesson. 

The lesson seemed to be going by quite quickly and they were getting the explanations I had and noticing patterns in tables on the board. I set them off on some questions and finally looked to see I’d made it almost all the way through pretty unscathed!

After 5 or so minutes it was time to get them packed up and ready to leave the lesson. It was all over. I dismissed them out of the room, spoke to the boy with his head on the desk and then they were all gone. I sat on the desk and relaxed. My mentor said it had gone well and I’d even enjoyed being up there in front of them all. Bring on the next one!

By Lorna Davison


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