Describe your Day as a Trainee Teacher


Waking up whilst it is still dark is tough going. From the moment I get up, all I can think about is popping that kettle on when I get to school. Arriving early is a heaven to me, no one to disturb me and no one to beat me to the printer! 8.30 comes in no time and I find myself in form with year 10. It’s always an eye opener seeing how the year 10s act and hearing what they talk about - sometimes selective deafness is a must! The hustle and bustle after the first bell goes fills me with a sense of urgency and excitement, almost like a crossroad with no working traffic lights! I love greeting the class at the door and being able to have a little chat about normal stuff - not just maths! After I’ve delivered my first lesson it’s off to my second and I’m almost running out the door to make sure I get to the next room in time to set up. Sometimes it feels like I’m a bit of a ping pong ball running from one class to another, but it’s all part of the fun I suppose. 

When I get a PPA, I sit back and just dwell on my lesson, what went well and what didn’t. A major piece of advice from me is not to get attached to the bad lessons, which we all have. Keep telling yourself; you’re doing great, keep going, tomorrow is another day. 

The rest of the day whizzes by and before you know it, it’s the end of the day. One of my favorite parts of the day is when our department exchanges stories (good and bad) from the day. It’s nice knowing you aren’t the only one struggling with behavior or getting the answer wrong to your own question! 

After doing all I need to and I pack my bags to leave, I can’t help but feel satisfaction in my day. Even though some days are tough and you feel like giving up, just remember that pupil who exclaimed ‘Miss! Miss! I get it now!’ or ‘Miss! Can we have more questions!?!’. That’s what keeps me going. 

We’re there to make a difference in those pupils and if 1 out of 30 it’s really excited about Maths, that gives me a challenge for tomorrow; to show the other 29 what they are missing out on! 

By Rebecca Collins