Why I decided I wanted to become a Maths Scholar

One of the reasons that I decided to train to be a teacher, is because I spent significant hours working as an online Maths tutor during my undergraduate degree, and really enjoyed it. Whilst looking into how I might become a secondary school Maths teacher, I discovered that those training to become a secondary school maths teacher may be eligible for a very healthy bursary. I then scrolled a bit further down the page and read that Maths Scholars are eligible for an extra £2000 on top of this bursary. As one of my concerns regarding training to be a teacher was being able to afford it, the news of financial support was extremely encouraging.

However, the benefits of becoming a Maths Scholar are numerous and the extra sum of money is arguably the least valuable to your initial teacher education. When I made my application to become a Maths Scholar, I was very excited for access to the additional resources that the scholarship would provide: Free access to Integral, frequent webinars on resources such as Desmos and free access to the resources on the STEM Learning website are just some of many useful benefits that helped me decide to apply to become a Maths Scholar. These resources have already proven to be an invaluable aid to my teaching. I was also very excited about the prospect of building relationships with the huge community of other Maths Scholars also undertaking their initial teacher education, as well as many experienced teachers who are also members of the Institute of Mathematics. I think that access to this community is the most valuable resource that the maths Scholarship has to offer (Any maybe the benefit I underestimated the most!), as there are hundreds of brilliant maths teachers/trainee teachers ready and willing to share advice and their experiences if you just ask! 

By Peter Farmer


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