Tell Us About A Moment Where You Felt You Really Made A Difference  

Last week, I was planning away in the maths staff room when the phone rang. It was the detention room. They had a notorious year 8 student who needed help with their maths work. I popped down, only expecting to be there for a few minutes. I hadn't personally encountered this student before but their name frequently came up in behaviour meetings. I didn't let this show and greeted them as I would a teacher's pet. This took them by surprise and they started to tell me what the problem was.   

After guiding them through the first question, they cautiously asked if I could stay for the next question too. I was happy to and together we made our way through question after question. The 'hand-holding' reduced and reduced, until I was simply just there for company. They told me they had learnt more in the 30 minutes we spent together than in the whole previous year! After I said goodbye, the teacher running detention sent an email round saying how much their confidence had improved.   

It was so satisfying to see such a change in the student's maths but also their confidence in the subject. I haven't asked if there has been a change in their lessons, but I like to think there has been.   

By Charlotte 





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