How Are You Incorporating Technology In Your Maths Teaching? 

Since starting my teacher training, technology has been a larger part of teaching than I thought it would have been. There are so many resources that that are available to support mathematics in the classroom, they also encourage a fun and inclusive environment as they can be adapted to a students need. One key technological resource is the use of online graphing tools, this allows the students to see how different parameters effects the graph and develops the students investigative side to mathematics.

Another key tool is using virtual manipulatives during my explanations, it allows the students to see the pictorial explanation and discover the effects upon the maths whilst saving time and money by not needing the physical objects. This has caused my classroom to become more dynamic as I am not just teaching from a PowerPoint or whiteboard with only the abstract approach but am able to use the Concrete Representee Abstract approach more frequently.

One key resource as well to have a fun end to the week consolidating the learning is using online quizzes, these create a competition against another student in the class whilst they are recapping what they have just been learning. It will also allow the students to see if they have any gaps in their knowledge.  

During my 2nd placement each of the students has an iPad this has allowed me to adapt my teaching style, creating an environment where students have more control over their learning. It allows student to have access to the resources before the lesson so they can prepare for the lesson, it also enables me to have a wide range of differentiated task without having to print off lots of worksheets as well.

I am also able to use other tools such as padlets to encourage literacy in mathematics getting them to carry out tasks such as describe today lesson in a text and then share them to the class, and carry out research on mathematician in the lesson to understand the history of maths which is just as import as the maths itself. 

Overall, technology has been a larger part of my teaching journey than I could have ever imagined before starting the course. There are so many more ways to use it than I have discovered so far! 

By James Loveday 

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