What, Or Who, Inspired You To Become A Maths Teacher? By Ruqaiya Rani  

The rewards of teaching allow a sense of fulfilment that other careers don’t provide. I found my love for teaching through helping my peers to understand questions. I was often told that my explanation along with my patience made for a perfect combination for teaching. My passion for wanting to teach grew from the struggle, as I wasn’t always the best at maths and tried very hard to understand the key concepts. It took much perseverance, but it made the accomplishment even sweeter. I wanted my experience to be able to help those who believe one can either be naturally good at a subject or not.  

I believe that maths gives a satisfaction and exploration that is often left unexplored. The journey it takes for me to go from the question to trials of different methods to finally an answer is exciting. The moment of the answer falling into place is one that cannot be replicated and is pure enjoyment. The aha! moment provides the happiness that I had reached the answer and the rush of adrenaline. This for me was the realisation that I had to teach maths as I wanted students to feel just as excited and have that moment too. 

An article I once read explored how to remove the negative stigmas around maths being boring and difficult through creativity. It explained the excitement I felt when concluding a question, and how the journey was propelling with many turns much like a story. This explained the intrigue to find the answer and I was excited to find different methods. I then would explain those methods to peers to suggest one that may work for them, which made me think; I might actually be good at this!  

By Ruqaiya Rani 



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