Why University-Led Initial Teacher Training Was Right For Me 

I chose to undertake a university-led PGCE course for my initial teacher training as I wanted to have a variety of school experience in my training as well as emphasis on the theory of teaching. 

So far, I have completed my first of two school placements. The course has been structured with a mixture of days in faculty as well as in school. In faculty, we have covered various aspects of the mathematics curriculum and teaching strategies that we have then been able to experiment with in our classes.  

We had a lot of time to get used to our schools and teaching in general before standing in front of a class for the first time. This meant that I was confident in my plans and knowledge before my first lesson, and this helped to ease my nerves! I have been able to build up my teaching gradually as I gain confidence, and I’m looking forward to continuing this development in my second placement. 

The biggest benefit for me has been the community of the course. All the maths trainees have been able to get to know each other, and it has been wonderful coming back together after a period in school to share experiences and advice. The cohort is an extremely varied group of people, who bring so many different opinions and perspectives to teaching, and it is great being able to participate in exciting conversations about the possibilities of this career.  

Also, the support network of the university has been really valuable so far. Our subject lecturer checks in with us every week to ensure we are doing okay, and professional studies lecturers are only an email away if we have any questions.  

Overall, I would recommend a university-based training route, as I have found the networks of support incredibly helpful. For me, a university-led route best suited my experience and personality, and I would recommend doing plenty of research on the courses available before making your own decision. Teacher training is turning out to be a wonderful experience so far and I can’t wait to jump back in after Christmas! 

By Lauren 



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