Tell Us About Your Experience Of The Online Assessment As Part Of Your Application To The Maths Scholarships – By Danielle Kirwan 

My name is Danielle and I currently studying on an ITT programme to achieve my PGCE in Secondary Maths.  I have worked with children aged 3 months to 16 years over the last 21 years, spending the last 12 years working in schools with 7-16 year olds. 

I have a passion for Maths and had a desire to teach when I left school, which has never left me.  With my breadth of experience in the classroom, as well as on a 1:1 basis for pupils with additional needs, I felt I had the right attributes to apply for a scholarship!  

My initial application was accepted, and I was invited to the next stage of online assessment.  I felt this was such an achievement and was extremely proud of myself.  In all honesty, when I read through the rather long briefing for the assessment, I wasn't sure I could do it.  I spent time carefully going over each section and discussed the concepts with colleagues.  It was great to get different perspectives on what initially seemed quite a simple topic but turned out to be more complex. 

What I will say is don't shy away from your gut instinct with the approach you are going to take.  If you can justify your responses and make them relevant to you and how you would approach the task, then go for it! Researching the non-financial l benefits of a scholarship was the most interesting and exciting part for me, as I was not aware of the vast opportunities that would be coming my way!   

The two professionals who carried out my assessment were so friendly and immediately made me feel at ease.  They gave supportive comments throughout and gave me the opportunity to expand on relevant points.  Overall, it was a very positive experience and well worth the time and effort required to prepare for it!  

By Danielle Kirwan 



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