Tell Us About Your Experience Of The Online Assessment As Part Of Your Application To The Maths Scholarships – By Maths Scholar 2023/24 

Before my Online Assessment, the Scholarships Team sent me a wealth of information regarding what to expect and how to prepare. This gave me the chance to give the opportunity the due diligence it deserved and meant when the day came there wasn’t any surprises. 

When I first joined the call and introduced myself to the two assessors, I was initially slightly nervous, but was soon reassured that the Assessment was not necessarily about competing against other candidates and was instead to see if I was a good fit for the Scholars cohort, which required meeting certain criteria. These requirements were included in the information received beforehand, as a result this made me feel more confident as I knew I had prepared as much as I could and applied in the first place because I felt I could definitely convey all the necessary qualities to be a Maths Scholar! 

The first part of the Assessment involved explaining how a given topic (percentages, decimals, and fractions in my case) could be applied to real life situations. This was a great opportunity to show my subject knowledge, as I included examples from my degree and previous work experience. The next part related to applying Maths to other subjects across the wider curriculum and explaining why this is important for secondary school pupils. 

After this there were some wider questions, some of which I knew of beforehand, and others which were asked more spontaneously as the conversation developed. I was able to discuss the training provider I had chosen for ITT, and how I’d started to prepare for the year ahead. I was made aware that the assessors had looked carefully at the initial information I had already submitted when I applied, and therefore felt reassured that the Team knew my mathematical background and why I had chosen to apply for teacher training, and this meant that I could go into more detail and show my personality further.

At the end of the Assessment, there was an opportunity to ask any additional questions. This was really helpful as some questions had occurred to me throughout the call, and it was lovely to get to know a bit more about my assessors after having the focus on me for the majority of the session! I was informed about the timeframe regarding receiving a decision back from the Scholarships Team and remember that this was accurate to how long it took. Overall, the process was definitely worth the homework beforehand, and was definitely a case of getting back what you’ve put in! 

By Maths Scholar 2023/24



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