How Did You Find The Application Process To Initial Teacher Training? By William Mottram 

The first stage of any beginning teachers’ journey to become qualified is to apply to initial teacher training. When applying, the first thing to figure out is where you would like to train. With so different choices I found it difficult to narrow down my options but within the application process you are able to pick a couple of options. The website for the applications makes it really clear how and when to apply for teacher training, all you have to do is fill in some details and write a personal statement. The personal statement was probably the most challenging part of the whole process. With minimal number of words, you have to describe why you want to teach and what you possess that would make you a good teacher. I struggled to put all this into words, but I managed it and sent off my application.  

Then there is a nervous wait until you hear back from the places you applied to. Luckily, the providers I selected offered me interviews and through this I was able to secure my place within the initial teacher training. The interview process was a daunting one for me, I had to complete a maths test, write an essay, and have a formal interview. The maths test was simple enough to complete, what worried me was the essays. I had never written in a social science way for a long form essay. I managed to write an essay based on my experiences and philosophy as an applicant. The good thing about this is that since it is your opinions, you cannot go too wrong. The interviews that I went to had a relaxed atmosphere and the people that interview you just want to know you.  

Once I secured my place my thoughts went towards funding, I applied and was accepted on the maths scholarship. This process was enjoyable and as easy as applying for the teacher training. My initial ideas about the scholarship were mainly financial, but when researching I found all of the non-financial benefits which helped me make my decision to apply. 

Overall, the process for applying to be a teacher was simple. If you do decide to apply, make sure that you use all resources available to you. One of the key tools I used when applying was the get into teaching website. Here they provided a walkthrough for all stages of applying including writing a personal statement and preparation for interviews. I had a good experience when applying to initial teacher training as I found guidance from friends and family who had also applied previously, and they supported me with the application. 

By William Mottram 



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