What I Gained From Applying For Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship - By Ella Panepinto

 The reason I applied for Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship was because I received an email from my ITT that the deadline had been brought forward. I wasn't interested at the start because I had 2:2 and to be able to apply and move forward I thought I needed a 2:1 degree level or needed to have completed the Skill Knowledge Enhancement course.

I currently was completing a 24 week SKE course, but I did not feel anywhere near as confident to be able to successfully get awarded a Maths Scholarship.

My partner then pushed my thoughts on 'what if', the worst they can say is no. As the deadline had been brought forward, I only had a week to submit my application which I must say - I spent hours on making it perfect.

This seemed to have paid off because I was successfully put through to the next stage which was a series of 10 A-level questions. The revision came next, and every morning before work I would revise. As I had got past the first stage my confidence grew - I really wanted to become a maths scholar and it was exciting.

I wanted to be a part of this incredible group that show how hard they work and prove their efforts. What I'm basically saying is at the start I wanted to go for scholarship but I didn't feel confident enough in myself and put myself off from applying!

It was only when the deadline had been changed, I started to doubt my choice. I thought I wasn't good enough to apply let alone be a maths scholar, but how I have proved myself wrong. I have successfully completed all the assessments. Believe in yourself and don't talk yourself out of things that are good for you because you might miss out on the opportunities.

I am glad I was awarded with a Maths Scholarship. Not many people received a scholarship for maths across the country and it defines and differentiates you to become the best at what you can be.

By Ella Panepinto 


Message from the Scholarship Team - You can apply to the Scholarships with a 2:2 degree classification, providing you can demonstrate 'significant relevant experience'. Also you can apply before completing your subject knowledge enhancement course. See our eligibility criteria on our About Us page and our FAQs.



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