The Importance Of Taking Time To Reflect 

As future teachers, we are already working hard on a plethora of things. We’re making sure our lesson plans are up to scratch, working on delivering lessons that are not only engaging, but learning how to actually teach them, observing professionals, dealing with safeguarding concerns, marking pressures, assessment for learning, essay writing… the list could go on.

And whilst the world is flurrying around us, and we are focused on everything apart from ourselves, we need to find the time to breathe. Breathe, take a moment, reflect.  
Reflection is important in all aspects of this year, but it’s really important to reflect upon ourselves. We are often our own worse critics, and in a year in which we’ll be focusing on so much, it is important to focus on ourselves too.

Think about your lessons, your delivery, your engagement and relationship with students. Were you the best version of yourself? What did you do that stood out for you this week? What were your successes? What will you try again? Do you need some support? Check in with yourself, not only your performance, but your wellbeing.

You owe it to your students to be your best self- but you owe it to yourself first. It is your ITE year, it is you who determines your success in teaching mathematics, hence why it is so important to make sure yourself is a priority too. 

We can employ time to reflect in our teaching too - ask your students to reflect on their work. You may have heard of two stars and a wish, or a what-went-well and even-better-if. Allow your students the time to think about how well they’ve done so far, and what the next steps should be.

It is important we all take time to reflect, to better ourselves but to recognise all the strengths we already have and the challenges we’ve already completed. Be kind to yourself - take the time.  


By Bethany Hamilton 



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